When it comes to selling yourself in a job interview, there are a few tried-and-true tactics we’ve noticed through our Mountain View Concepts hiring efforts. The following strategies will help any candidate make a lasting positive impression and improve his or her chances of getting the job:

• Do Some Research: Exploring the company’s website and social media pages can do wonders for any potential hire. Knowing about the work culture and overall mission helps an interviewee frame his or her responses in the most effective ways.

• Craft Story Statement: An elevator pitch is always nice to have as a job candidate. When we evaluate prospective additions to Team Mountain View Concepts, we want to hear a compelling story about how that person’s unique talents will fit into our culture.

• Practice Out Loud: It’s one thing to know what you’re going to say during an interview, but rehearsing out loud is the best way to become more confident leading up to the big day. Doing so in front of a mirror or a trusted friend will help you identify any unwanted nonverbal tics.

• Ask the Right Questions: The questions candidates ask are as important as anything else they say. Asking about advancement opportunities and ongoing training options tends to make a solid impression.

These are the techniques that lead to memorable interviews. Like Mountain View Concepts on Facebook to find more details on our hiring philosophy.