Attending leadership events is something we do throughout the year, but an upcoming one in Cincinnati promises remarkable benefits for Cody, our Mountain View Concepts President. During the gathering, Cody will be able to network, listen to keynote speeches, and wind down for the holidays before a busy 2019 gets underway.

Cody follows some simple rules when building his network. One of the key things he keeps in mind is that every connection should be mutually beneficial. He explained that he tries to offer something of value to every potential contact to ensure a win-win situation. Building a strong network is a long-haul effort, not a short-term win.

Our President also believes that building trust is the ideal way to maintain a strong professional connection. He also understands that this can only be achieved through action, so he focuses on following up his words with focused efforts when it comes to working with members of his network.

Finally, Cody is sure to follow up with new contacts and keep the relationship going through regular check-ins. We follow his lead by reaching out to our Mountain View Concepts connections when they achieve big wins or celebrate an important milestone in their lives.

The Cincinnati Christmas event should provide lasting benefits for Cody and our entire team. Follow Mountain View Concepts on Twitter for more of our best tips for building a strong network.