Does the expression, “if it was easy, then everyone would do it,” sound familiar to you? If you think about every person you know, how many of them have the title: CEO, President, or COO attached to their name? Most of the population works for someone else. Why? Because if it was easy to run, manage and develop a business from the ground up…well, everyone would do it!

Mountain View Concepts, Inc. just celebrated their two-year anniversary of launching in Greenville, South Carolina. And while this was a big accomplishment and huge celebration for our team, (yes donuts and A LOT of pictures were taken), the past two years have had its fair share of highs and lows.

We sat down with Mountain View’s Director of Operations, Cody Nathan, and came up with the four biggest takeaways of starting a business and why these are important:

1) Understanding the expansion phase:
a. Being patient with the start-up process because it might be a slower start than what you anticipated
b. Not rushing the results, instead working together to obtain better results
c. Get to really know your market, clients and audience

2) Building connections:
a. Have a good network of contacts to answer questions
b. This will increase your opportunities for repeat business
c. You can learn from other’s challenges, so you do not face them yourself

3) Developing core values:
a. Having clear points as to what sets your business apart from someone else’s
b. These will inspire your team to have higher standards to achieve said values
c. Shaping the company culture

4) Importance of your team
a. A business is nothing if you do not have a strong group of people behind the scenes
b. Allowing your strengths and weaknesses to compliment others to maintain a good balance
c. Learning your team’s goals and working alongside them to accomplish it

With any new business, new promotion or new employee, it is important to understand that each situation comes with a learning curve and everyone has a different cycle of development. While Nathan and the Mountain View team have accomplished many goals throughout the past two years, there are some goals that have taken longer than others to hit. The best part in that: WE GET IT. We firmly believe that if a goal cannot be hit by Plan A, then create a Plan B, C or D; always change the plan but never change the goal.

Nathan mentioned that by Mountain View’s third anniversary, “be ready for some big changes.” He goes on to say, “[Our team] plans on opening up two more locations as well as starting to expand to new product lines. Mastering our skills in sales, marketing and communication, will make our clients value us even more!”