Get to know our company before your interview…

1) Is this door-to-door or telemarketing?
Mountain View does not participate in any business-to-business or cold-calling to market our clients.

2) I read online that most of the positions are commission only. Is this true?
All of our team members receive base-level compensation and have the opportunity to earn additional bonuses through performance with our clients.

3) I have experience in marketing and sales already; do I still have to start entry-level?
Yes! We believe that our strongest leaders lead from the front end. Each team member starts from the ground level to get cross-trained in every single aspect of our business before putting them in a position of coaching and developing others.

4) Is there a sales aspect involved?
While this is not a high-pressure sales atmosphere, there is a sales aspect involved with all positions. Our firm specializes in the business and brand development of our clientele therefore, before someone grows into a managerial position, they must get developed in all aspects of what we do for our clients.

5) What is the company culture like?
Mountain View values our team and firmly believes that a business does not grow without a strong backbone. Our office participates in a lot of philanthropic events in the Greenville, SC area as well as different team nights throughout the week. We enjoy creating a strong family atmosphere.

6) Is Mountain View Concepts a growing company?
Absolutely! Our company was originally founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in August of 2016. From there, we expanded to our current home in Greenville, South Carolina in July of 2017. Mountain View will have the opportunity to expand to Birmingham, Alabama in the Fall of 2019 with hopes to develop into two additional locations before the end of the year.