We’ve always understood that providing the best possible atmosphere for members of Team Mountain View Concepts is the key to success. Our brand experts enjoy a wide range of perks, including one-to-one coaching, travel incentives, and ongoing training. It’s all in the name of maintaining a supportive environment in which people can reach their full potential.

New additions to our team benefit from immersive training that exposes them to all our operations. Our latest hires get to take part in real-world projects, so they quickly gain the confidence they need to thrive in our industry. Personal coaching from in-house mentors speeds the developmental process even more. Seasoned team members provide insights from their uniquely helpful perspectives, having advanced from the entry level to leadership positions.

We enjoy a ton of team nights throughout the year, including visits to bowling alleys, arcades, favorite restaurants, and more. The holiday season provided several examples of how much we value our team around the Mountain View Concepts office. We had a Thanksgiving potluck and hosted a Christmas party to remember. Each gathering was a chance for us to strengthen our bonds and feel gratitude for the good things in our lives. We’re more inspired than ever to collaborate toward big wins as we turn the calendar to 2019.

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