For those of you who follow Mountain View’s story, one thing’s for certain: we LOVE to travel. I’m sure you have seen pictures displayed on our social media from local trips to Charlotte, North Carolina or Charleston, South Carolina to more macro trips to the Dominican Republic or Las Vegas (hey…work hard, play hard, right?)

Most recently, Theresa had the opportunity to head to Nashville, Tennessee for one of Mountain View’s quarterly Show Style conferences. But instead of sitting in the third row at this meeting jotting down notes, Theresa was one of the few selected to help lead this training for her peers.

Show Style conferences launched in early 2018 after the positive responses and high demand from our clients and retailers. A show style technique allows the Mountain View team to take our current marketing strategies to the next level, which is something the Greenville market has requested over and over again.

We had a chance to chat with Mountain View’s President, Cody, on why Theresa was the individual selected to go to Nashville. He says, “When it comes to setting goals and duplicating herself, [Theresa] shines in those categories. Not only did she set goals and show the best results at her events, Theresa has been the one to train most of our office on these show style campaigns.”

Theresa joined the Mountain View team late January 2018, just as the Show Style campaigns launched. Prior to joining us, she moved here from Florida, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Ave Maria University. With her passion of helping others, it was no surprise that Theresa was the individual selected to travel to Nashville.

She adds, “Leading this training was a part of my goals ever since I was trained on this marketing approach. I knew that it would be an amazing experience to improve my coaching skills as I grow towards a management role.”

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